Woman Rescues Kitten, Who Later Saves Her Life in Return

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My mom was a librarian in a children’s library. One day, not long after my mom’s cat had passed away, two children came into the library with a tiny kitten in a cardboard box. They asked my mom if she could help them find a home for it because their parents wouldn’t let them keep it. Well, of course my mom couldn’t say no and adopted the little black and gold fluffy money cat.


We all fell in love with her quirky ways as “Bridgett” became known as “the little diva.” She grew up to be a stunningly beautiful long-haired cat who loved to check out my sister’s and my purses and shoes and all things that smelled nice – she was so unlike a normal cat. Little did we know, only a short time later, she would be the one to save my mom’s life.

One night, after my mom had fallen asleep, she had a serious allergic reaction to some seafood she had eaten and her throat and tongue had begun to swell. She was still asleep when Bridgett, who we think must have heard a difference in the way my mom was breathing, had started to wake my mom up by touching her paw to her face and tugging at her clothes.


My mom did wake up, realized she was having trouble breathing, and was able to get herself to the hospital. The reaction she had ended up being quite serious. Thanks to this smart little cardboard box kitten, my mom received the medical help she needed and made a full recovery. Now, our ‘little sister’ Bridgett will always be a treasured part of our family and we will never forget how she saved my mom’s life.

Story submitted by Andrea from Presque Isle, Maine.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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