Emaciated Mother Cat and Her Kittens Rescued From Bin

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During the week, we were contacted about a mumma and her babies who had been found in an industrial bin at a car yard. It was unknown how long she was in there, but she was very emaciated under her fluff.


Mumma, now Aurora, and her six little cherubs made their way swiftly to Best Friends Felines and have seen our vets for a check up. Aurora was scarily thin, and she came in unable to walk properly on her back legs when she arrived into care. Fearful she was thrown into the bin or not realising she was in there, someone threw something into the bin that landed on her, we wanted a full health check for her and her little ones.

Aurora was starving, as you can imagine with no food source and sustaining six little ones her body was fragile, but with good food in her she is now walking about and starting to gain strength again.


We will keep our Facebook page updated on this little bin family.

Story submitted by Nikki Chapple from Best Friends Felines in Brisbane, Australia.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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