Truck Driver Shares Food with Stray Dog for Months, Finally Coaxes Her Home

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My boyfriend is a truck driver in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Each time he came to this one particular customer, he noticed a fawn colored pit bull. She was skin and bones and extremely skittish. He started throwing food to her and she would run away. This became a ritual for them.


She was always in the same basic area. He tried for months to get her to come to him, moving closer each time he threw food to her. She would always grab the food and run to a safe distance from people. She eventually started eating the food ten feet away, then five feet, then she finally let him touch her head.

He told the guy next to him, if she lets me pick her up, open the door to my truck because I’m taking her home. And that’s exactly what happened.

My boyfriend is a hunter and only had labs his whole life. Never did he ever think he would have a pit bull, until fate brought them together.

We took her to the vet who told us she was about one and a half years old. She had scars all over her body, so we guess she was used as a bait dog. She was difficult to raise the first year or so, not wanting to potty train and chewing up shoes! Now she is the most relaxed, loyal, fun, happy dog! We can only imagine what she went through in her first year and a half of life. But now she is 6 years old and she is our spoiled rotten princess!


We love our Bailey Boo. Our home would not be the same without her!

Story submitted by Bobbi from Wakeman, Ohio.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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