We Got Them Just Before Their Time at the Shelter Ran Out

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We lost our Daisy to cancer at only 5-years-old. I was devastated. A friend suggested we get two cats: more fun, keep each other company when we’re out, etc. We went to five different Humane Society of Michigan locations to find a cat that “reached” my husband.


At the the fifth location, he hadn’t found one, but I saw a handsome light salmon/buff colored kitty and asked to visit with him. I sat on the floor and he walked back and forth across my lap, purring. The woman helping us said, “Well, I THINK he’ll be alright without her. He’ll probably cry for a few days…” and a few similar statements. We hadn’t realized that there was another kitty in the same cage. My husband said, “Well, I guess I’d better see her.”

They put Annie in his lap, and I swear she batted her eyelashes at him, purred bigger than her petite little body, and he put his arms around her and said “Well, I found MY kitty.” We took them home.

He’d say, “It’s time to go to bed now,” and she would trot off to bed with him every night. The boy didn’t respond to the name they told us, but if we made kissing sounds, he’d come. So he was named “Baciatore” which means “kisser” in Italian; we call him Baci (kiss), and he’s a lover. They were both older than we were told, and we lost our Annie after five years at the age of 19. Baci spreads his love and affection between us and has become much more talkative.


My husband says he never knew cats had so much personality. We believe they knew they were coming close to the end of their time at the shelter, and we have never regretted bringing home these senior cats. We are wondering whether he would like a feline friend. We’re not sure if he’s too old or would be jealous; might try fostering first to see how it goes.

Story submitted by Kathleen from Rochester, Michigan.

Baci and Annie’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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