Kitten Rescued From a Walgreens Garbage Bin Becomes Rescuer’s Long-Time Buddy

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It was a cold November night in 2006 when I heard an insistent meowing coming from the trash bins outside of a Walgreens. A few days later, with the help and guidance of the New Mexico Animal Friends, I had a little champagne-colored (the vet’s description) kitten.


Now he needed a name. I had just allowed him into another part of the house (a larger room) with many bookcases. Just as I thought I should place the seven-foot case flush to the wall, so he wouldn’t get trapped behind it, there he went, meowing the whole time. I told him that I would call out different names and he would have to choose one.

I started with Frederick, he just meowed. Next was Atticus. He meowed and out popped his little head, then he came straight to me. He’s known his name ever since and 16 years later, he hasn’t stopped meowing. When he was younger, he greeted me when I came home from work. Now he enjoys waking me early and waits for his morning back rub. Atticus spends more time sleeping now and is still the loving and cuddling kitten who called to me back in 2006. I am thankful every day for him.


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