I Just Had to Save Him!

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I got Asher from a local Atlanta-area animal shelter on January 11, 2014 while looking for my lost cat, Alex. He was very sick and, as I asked about him, they told me to just walk away because he’s ‘just going to die here.’ I didn’t. I asked them to open his cage so I could pet him, and I heard him wheezing. He could barely open his eyes, but when he did, the whites were blood red. Against their wishes, I claimed him and brought him to my vet.


He was a very, very sick, skinny kitty who could hardly hold his head up because of a severe upper respiratory infection AND a severe infection in both eyes. I was sent home with him and, every eight hours, gave him medication then held one of his paws as I read to him. If I left his side, he would meow for me because he couldn’t see very well.

After ten days of being quarantined in a back bedroom, he started to heal. Little by little, he was allowed to come out of his room and see my other cats – and they were curious, too!

Months later, I took this photo of Asher (on the right) with Cooper – a shelter cat I fell in love with months before.


Asher has blossomed into the sweetest cat who loves to cuddle with me and always follows me from room to room. He’s such a precious addition to our family and is so very loved!

Story submitted by Susan Carr from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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