Saving Archimedes – A Truly Special Cat

In 1987, I lost my 17 year old cat to old age. She was the same age as me – we’d grown up together and I was devastated.

6 months later I persuaded my mum to let me have another kitten and wasted no time in contacting my local RSPCA to adopt.

About 3 weeks later they called me and said they had a kitten & I could come and see her, but that she’d been seen by 5 people already & not adopted because she was terrified.

PHOTO: Emily

Once I got there, I was led into a room & a cage with 6 kittens in it.

I was alarmed; 5 of the kittens looked like they had Parkinson’s disease – shaking and staggering. The assistant apologized profusely & said that all 6 had been found in a bag on a local recreation ground & had clearly been either hit or kicked violently & were beyond help with brain damage. They hadn’t had time to humanely end their suffering but I was assured it would happen that day.

It was awful.

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But there, in the back of the cage was a beautiful fluffy tabby, 6 weeks old and glued to back wall. The previous 5 people had tried to coax her and pet her but she continued to cower in the back.

The assistant opened the cage & I gave her the slow blink. She stared at me. Then out of nowhere, she launched herself at me onto my neck & clung on. I looked at the assistant who looked as surprised as I did.

What else could I do? On the spot I just said “I’ll take her!”.


Although she was always a nervous cat around others, particularly men, she became absolutely mine, cuddling, never wanting to leave my side and being my ‘baby’ for over 2 decades.

Archimedes passed away at the grand old age of 22.5. I was devastated & still miss her 4 years later.

But I’m now pouring my love and devotion into a new rescue cat – my wonderful beautiful Luna, who makes life complete.

Story submitted by Emily of Muscat, Oman.

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