Special Agent Saves Pit Bull from Clearlake, California

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On a Thursday in September 2014, one life would be saved and three lives would be changed forever.

Her second time in Clearlake, Special Agent Jill Brenny was assigned to an enforcement sweep of gang offenders and was accompanied by two additional Special Agents in the Gang Unit of Homeland Security Investigations, along with Clearlake Police officers and a Lake County Probation agent. The group came upon a trash-filled lot with a filthy and forlorn female pit bull that was chained to a fire-charred and dilapidated RV. Her eyes were crusted with infection, and open sores that appeared to be burn marks covered her ears and neck. Her head hung low, though she stirred when she heard voices.

“There was no way I was leaving that dog there,” stated Agent Brenny. Little did she realize that she would put in motion a rescue effort that would span four states.


Agent Brenny started emailing and texting fellow dog lovers who she thought might be looking for an addition to their family. She found the one: Hence Williams, a US Probation Officer and EMT in Vernal, Utah.

Officer Williams was waiting in Reno when Agent Brenny and Honey arrived. He had brought along his other rescued pit, named Cooper. Both girls look like twins separated at birth. They bonded immediately and have been inseparable, even sleeping cuddled up together. Officer Williams has renamed her “Anna.”

Officer Williams decided to take Anna to his old vet in New Mexico, with whom he had a longstanding relationship. After a thorough exam and x-rays, it became apparent that Anna had sustained a broken humerus during her years of abuse and neglect and that the bones had healed offset, which was causing her pain. That vet offered his opinion that the leg could not be saved, and an amputation was performed on November 19, 2014.


The SPCA of Clear Lake would like to extend a deeply heartfelt thank you to Agent Brenny and Officer Williams for their commitment to rehoming a badly abused pit bull. Your selfless acts have given Anna a happy ending.

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