Family Never Gives Up on Socializing Kittens That Were ‘Too Feral to Tame’

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Our two gorgeous girls showed up in our yard with their mom one Father’s Day while we were having a barbecue.


They were so tiny, only a couple of months old. I fed them leftovers (against my husband’s wishes) and immediately wanted to take them in. My husband said no because of allergies, but I never gave up. I continued to feed them, and the following April, he finally agreed and we took Allie in.


The vet told me I should return her to the yard, as she could never be tamed. They were both extremely feral, but I refused to give up. After several months of coaxing, love, and patience Allie finally allowed me to pet her. It is a victory I will never forget, lots of happy tears.


Four months after bringing Allie in, we were able to capture Socks, a tuxedo. She took longer to socialize (two years), but it was worth the wait. This spring, they will be 11 and are happy, healthy and spoiled members of our family. Socks is a cancer survivor, and we are so thankful she is still with us and thriving. I can’t imagine our life without these precious girls in it. They bring us so much laughter and joy and make our house a home. Allie has claimed the guest bed as her own, and Socks has three beds to choose from. Their toy basket overflows and they love having cookies every night.

I am so glad I didn’t listen the the vet. If I had, we’d have missed out on the last 10 years of happiness, and they likely wouldn’t have survived. They know how lucky, safe and loved they are. Never believe anyone who tells you feral cats can’t be tamed. If we hadn’t persisted, we’d never know the love they have to give and have so willingly accepted. They are a gift we treasure every day.


Story submitted by Lauren from Teaneck, New Jersey.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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