Rescue Puppy With A Mustache Finds A Forever Home

A puppy was found with unusual facial markings that look exactly like a mustache.

When the Arizona Humane Society rescues abandoned animals, it’s usually a sad ordeal. But recently, they found one puppy in need of help that couldn’t help but make them smile. Despite her predicament, the little puppy’s mustache put a smile on all the staff’s faces.

As the AHS said, “Despite the sad beginning to her story, Ms. Mustachia’s sweet ‘stache couldn’t help but cheer us up!”

Photo: Instagram/azhumane

The boxer puppy, fittingly named Ms. Mustachia, was born with a natural mustache below her nose. People from all over are head-over-heels in love with the pup and her unique appearance, but her original owners didn’t feel the same way.

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Ms. Mustachia was rescued on February 28 by AHS, who found abandoned all alone in a box. Aside from minor hair loss, the 9-week-old puppy seemed to be in great health.

Photo: Instagram/azhumane

Finding her in good health and spirits, AHS began the search to find the dog a loving forever family that would appreciate her unique appearance and sweet personality. It only took a few days to find the perfect local family from Tempe, Arizona!

Photo: Instagram/azhumane

They announced, “This sweet Boxer puppy captured hearts across the nation after we shared her story last week. Her signature ‘stache attracted a lot of attention including a local family from Tempe. They quickly fell in love with Ms. Mustachia and we’re pretty sure the feeling is mutual.”

We’re so happy that she got the happily ever after she deserves!

What do you think of her adorable mustache? Let us know!

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