Rescue Of The Week: Xena

For my birthday I told my boyfriend (now fiancé) that I wanted to rescue a female pitbull as my previous roommate had one that I adored. Before falling in love with my roommates sweet girl I was terrified of pitties. I felt so silly and ignorant, and after moving out I knew I needed to rescue one of my own. I had recently lost my childhood love, my dog Jake, to old age. I felt like we needed a “furbaby” to make our new family whole. I had no idea what rescuing her would get me into…

Photo of pitbull

After several trips to our local humane society, I fell for an adorable black and white 5 month old boy. We were waiting on our landlord to okay his adoption, but she took too long to get back to them and before we got the chance to add him to our family he was adopted by someone else. I was devastated, but refused to give up. Soon after, my fiancé called and said he had a surprise for me and was coming to visit my work. When he called and told me to come outside instead of of just walking in like usual, I became suspicious.

When I opened the truck door I was showered with kisses from the most beautiful pup I’d ever seen. My fiancé had apparently been at a friend’s house and asked the neighbor if he could pet their puppy. The neighbor asked him if he’d rather just take her instead, because his dogs had puppies and he was planning on taking her to the pound. My fiancé knows me better than anyone, so he agreed without even asking me. He was nervous that I wouldn’t like her and asked me about a hundred times if I really liked liked her. I told him no, I didn’t like her, I LOVED HER. That night she became my Xena baby.

I simply adore my girl. I can’t imagine my life without her to snuggle me every night and kiss me every morning. Although it’s apparent she came from an abusive situation from her scars, she is fearless, beautiful, and loves everyone. Shes perfect!

Salt Lake City, UT
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