Rescue Of The Week: Sora

I had been thinking about adopting a pug for a couple years, but wasn’t sure I was ready for the commitment. I like to travel and often took last minute trips to visit friends around the country, and I didn’t want my lifestyle to change. One day when I was browsing the adoptable pugs in my area on, as I often did, I saw this little rescue pug female from South Korea with a wonky eye and lots of attitude and just knew she had to be mine. By the time I contacted the rescue, they told me there were three other families in line to meet her before me, but they would keep me posted if anything changed. I was disappointed, because I just knew there was no way that all three families wouldn’t work out.

Rescue of the week Sora

As luck would have it, the day they called me to say I could meet her was the same day I was flying home to Kentucky because my father had a heart attack. I asked them if they could wait for me to return, but that I understood if they couldn’t wait. They agreed to wait, and as soon as I got home from nursing my dad back to health I went to meet what would soon become the love of my life. Within minutes she had crawled into my lap and fallen asleep, and her foster mom said, “I think she knows you’re her new Mom.” The pug had apparently hidden and stayed far away from all the other potential adopters who came to meet her. It was meant to be that this little 14 pound, wonky-eyed, full of personality pug girl was mine. She came to live with me the next day. She’s bossy, demanding, and also the sweetest snuggle monster I have ever met. My heart has never known such true, unconditional love. Adopting Sora was the best decision I’ve ever made. She’s changed my life, in all the best ways possible!

Kelly Nass
Los Angeles, CA
Courtesy of 
The Animal Rescue Site

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