Rescue of the Week: Rowan

Rowan - rescued wolf-hybridI was on a trip in Southern Kentucky with a couple of ladies who are big in the animal rescue world.  One received a phone call about a “wolf-hybrid” who had been surrendered to a high-kill shelter in Rowan County.  She was desperate to save “The Rowan Boy,” as they were calling him.  The shelter said they needed someone to take him in the next twenty-four hours, or he would be put down.

I agreed, sight unseen, to take him on as a “foster,” and the shelter ensured that he was given his shots and neutered.  When we picked him up from the vet’s office, he could not walk in a straight line… but never showed any aggression or apprehension.  He laid his head on my lap most of the way home.

His name has been shortened to “Rowan,” and he is now a full-fledged, card-carrying member of my family – a foster fail!  He is always happy, loves attention, and is my ambassador, greeting everyone with a huge smile and wagging tail.  He was rescued that day, but we were the ones who were blessed.

Anonymous, fromWaddy, KY
Courtesy of The Animal Rescue Site

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