Rescue Of The Week: Mac

Rescue Of The WeekMy sister, an avid dog lover and owner of a dog grooming shop in East Lansing MI, forgot to renew her dog license. She did it by mail every year like clockwork, but for some reason she forgot to this year. So she had to go in and do it at the last second in person. When she got there, Mac was being given up by a woman. The guy there was telling her that they were going to have to put the dog down.  My sister, who was already overrun with multiple dogs, took Mac from the man as he was being led back and said she would find a home for him. I came over to her place and met Mac, and from then on he has been by my side. For 10 years now he has been my friend. I was in college when I got him, he was with me when I graduated, moved to Florida, back to Michigan, through getting married, through two kids, a move to North Carolina, and will be with us still when our third child is born in another month. He is a part of our family. And to think, he was at the brink of the needle until my sister saved him when she shouldn’t have even been there. I am sure Mac is thankful for her actions, but we are even more so.

Charlotte, NC
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