Rescue Of The Week: Jacky

I’m always looking at to see whether we want another dog or not. When I came home one day to find my husband looking also, I knew it was time to choose a dog to join us and our old shepherd mix, Tia, at our home. We applied to adopt a chocolate lab mix, but we were told that he was already adopted. The shelter said that they had two other puppies from the same litter that were available though. The rescue employee told us that the litter of four puppies had been abandoned on the side of the road in a box when the puppies were only four weeks! How could anyone be so heartless and cruel? Now that the puppies were ten weeks old, they were in the fostering program.

Rescue of the week - Jacky

I looked at the two available puppies, who were both black lab mixes. One was sitting down in his picture, with a slight tilt to his head, a very somber expression on his face, and a forlorn look in his eyes. I melted. Although the rescue was about 100 miles from our home, and I was sure that there were probably plenty of adoptable puppies between here and there, we took a Saturday morning to go down and meet the little guy. There was never any question on whether or not we would bring him home that day.

When my beloved Tia passed away about nine months later, nothing brought me more comfort than having Jacky around to care for me and hug me. Well, our “little Jacky” is now a 100-pound (we believe he is a labradane!) big brother to little Mazie, another rescued black lab mix with strong border collie attributes. I love them like babies!

Saint Paris, OH
Courtesy of The Animal Rescue Site

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