Rescue Of The Week: Honey

PhotoStory19404_webI had two dogs, but one wanted to play more than the other, so I decided to visit the local humane society to find a playmate. I noticed a skinny dog curled up in the far corner of the shelter, with her back to the cage door. I took her out, and she just sat down in front of me and leaned against me with her entire body. She didn’t want to run around. She didn’t want to visit the other dogs. She just wanted to be held. Finally, she looked up and gave me a kiss. My mind was made up.

It broke my heart to put her back in her cage, but as soon as she was in there she went to her dish and ate all her food. She was so skinny, and needed the food badly. I told the staff I wanted her as soon as possible, but I wanted to bring my other dogs in to make sure they would get along. I returned that same day and got all three into a run; they got along instantly.

The shelter policy was to spay or neuter after adoption, but before the animal left the shelter, so I had to wait a couple days. She was eighteen months old at the time. She is twelve years old now, and still loves to just sit and lean against me, getting hugs.

Geneva Wilson, from Lowry City, MO
Courtesy of The Animal Rescue Site

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