Rescue Foxes Are So Excited To Be Gifted An Egg

Everyone deserves a special treat from time to time, including foxes!

At Save A Fox, their rescue foxes were each treated to a fox delicacy – a raw egg.

The non-profit rescues captive, non-releasable foxes from pet owners, fur farms, hoarding situations, and people keeping them illegally.

Photo: YouTube/SaveAFox

The foxes are wild animals, but they’re used to human interaction and can’t be released into the wild, so Save A Fox houses them and occasionally places them in homes with fit fox owners.

As part of fox ownership, the rescue offers them a nutritious diet with treats scattered in between, but sometimes those treats are just as nutritious as their regular meals, like with the case of eggs.

Photo: flickr/Nora Feddal
Photo: YouTube/SaveAFox

The rescue foxes love eggs and get so excited when their caretakers approach with a bucket of eggs in tow! They know they’re about to get a treat and hop around, so excited for what they know is coming!

The rescue recorded one moment when the foxes were each given an egg and it’s incredibly sweet. Watch the video below:

You can learn more about Save A Fox and their work on their website, or keep up with them on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube!

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