Terrified Rescue Dogs Love To Give Hugs

Animals are sensitive creatures. It’s not hard to figure out their past by how they behave – particularly if they’re rescue pets.

I remember within the first two weeks of adopting our dog, Bonita, from the shelter. It quickly unfolded that her past probably wasn’t a happy one.

She was terrified of brooms, and she didn’t know what to do with herself the first time we invited her inside the home.

Photo: Max Pixel

For one little Labradoodle named Lucy, life was pretty rough. It started out with the sweet pooch having to spend most of her six years of life locked up inside a crate that she shared with another dog.

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Needless to say, when she and her crate mate were taken into a shelter’s custody, the two dogs were terrified. It was clear that they’d never known what it feels like to be loved.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures.net/Paul Brennan

But with a lot of patience, the shelter staff managed to gain their trust. And now, Lucy is a completely different dog!

Instead of being scared or timid, whenever she sees one of the shelter workers, she rushes towards them – eager for a hug.

Photo: YouTube/b/60

As one shelter worker explained, “Now, when Lucy goes into the kennel this sweetheart rushed forward and puts her paws onto her shoulders; the first time it happened it moved us all to tears.”

It is incredible just how powerful love can be. Check out the heartwarming video down below:

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