Rescue Dog Given Home Depot Apron For Being The Cutest Employee Ever

Sometimes, life has a funny way of working out. For Heaven, an adorable rescue pup, a new career ended up helping her get over her fear of people.

Heaven was rescued from the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter by Jackie Rakers. Soon after her adoption, Rakers noticed that Heaven was having trouble adjusting.

The poor dog was frightened by almost everything from people, to large crowds, and various noises. Not wanting her new pup to go through life completely afraid of everything, she decided to be proactive about helping Heaven to get over her fears.

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That is when she got the idea to begin taking her to Home Depot. As Rakers explained her reasoning to The Dodo, she said, “The Home Depot runs started as a way to help her with her fears. She was nervous about new places and new sounds, so we’d go for five minutes and she’d get all the treats. Then we started going longer and longer and exposing her to more and more things within the store.”

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Her attempts to help Heaven turned out to be very successful in more ways than one. Not only did Heaven manage to overcome her shyness, but she also was awarded her very own Home Depot employee apron as well!

Photo: Instagram/heaven_is_a_dog

The sweet little dog gets super happy every time that she sees her apron.

As Rakers shared with The Dodo, “I keep it in the car so we are always ready. As soon as she can tell we enter the parking lot, she just quivers until I put [the apron] on her and then takes off towards ‘work.’ She walks around like she owns the place.”

Photo: Instagram/heaven_is_a_dog

She further explained that Heaven now sees Home Depot as her favorite place in the world. The little dog likes to walk around searching for people to greet.

She has called Heaven the “perfect example” of unconditional love and acceptance, given her transformation. We are so happy to see the adorable pup get out there and live her best life.

Photo: Instagram/heaven_is_a_dog

You can follow Heaven on Instagram, @heaven_is_a_dog.

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