Rescue Dog Is So Happy To Have Food That He Sleeps With His Bowl Every Night

Rescue dogs often go through a lot in their lives before finding their way out the other side. Sometimes, they suffer from neglect, abandonment, or other forms of cruelty, and it can be hard for them to overcome their past.

With a lot of love and patience, even the dogs with heart-breaking backgrounds can find peace and comfort in their new homes and lives. But sometimes, they hold onto a little piece of their past.

For one rescue dog named Neville, he found a new home with a kind woman, Susanne. The 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix had been living as a stray and was in bad shape when help arrived.

Photo: Twitter/ErUpstairs

Susanne shared on Twitter, “Neville is my rescue baby. He was found as an unclaimed stray, severely traumatised, un-neutered and with a mouthful of painful, rotting teeth.”

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When Susanne saw that Neville was up for adoption, she rushed to the rescue to adopt him. In an interview with The Dodo, she said, “I waited outside the center for three hours to ensure I was the first to register my interest, and we clicked the instant we saw each other.”

No one knows much about Neville’s past, but it’s possible that he was used for breeding until he got too old, and then was kicked to the streets. Whatever happened over the years, one thing was clear: He was happy to have a home to call his own.

It took a little while for the poor dog to adjust to life in a caring home. Susanne has other rescues in the house and Neville would try to compete with them for food.

Slowly, Neville began to realize that he didn’t have to compete for food anymore. He had his very own food bowl to eat from that was for him.

Speaking with The Dodo, Susanne explained, “I had to teach him to eat from a bowl, and once he got the hang of it, that bowl became his prized possession.”

Neville loved his food bowl so much that he never wanted to let it out of his sight. In fact, at night, the senior pup would curl up with his food bowl to sleep.

Though he’s been with Susanne for some time, Neville still sleeps with his food bowl every night. He’s become attached to his dish, and it’s not hard to see why. For him, it seems to represent having a home and food and a family that loves him.

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