Spotlight Is On Rescue Dogs In First-Ever American Rescue Dog Show

For rescue dogs, this is their day.

Watch the first dog show that does not judge a dog on their breed, but rather their personality. Dogs do not have to be purebred to compete, and mutts are our favorites. The only requirement is that the dogs all be rescues.

This dog show will be showcasing the dogs’ best traits out of 10 categories. Rebecca Romijn and Rich Eisen are the hosts, and the program features some celebrities as the judges.

Photo:Facebook/Hallmark Channel
Photo: Facebook/Hallmark Channel

10 Best of Classes

  • Best Couch Potato
  • Best In Fetching
  • Best In Kissing
  • Best In Listening
  • Best In Senior Dog
  • Best In Snoring
  • Best In Special Needs
  • Best In Talking
  • Best In Underbite
  • Best In Wiggle Butt

Celebrity judge Ross Matthews states, “I love special needs dogs. I love an underbite and a crocked tooth. That is just how I roll.”

Photo:Facebook/Hallmark Channel
Photo: Facebook/Hallmark Channel

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The top ten dogs, the winner of each group, will face off for the ultimate title, Best in Rescue. The Petco Foundation is providing $75,000 in non-profit grants to the winners.

We cannot wait to see who wins in each category. Regardless, each category will be filled with wagging tails and adorable faces. The goal of the show is to raise awareness of rescue dogs and help find homes for all the homeless pets.

Photo:Facebool/Hallmark Channel
Photo: Facebook/Hallmark Channel

“It’s such an incredible idea for a show. It’s a chance to encourage people to ‘adopt, not shop,’ to showcase these unbelievable creatures and help end the epidemic of animal homelessness. A lot of people may not understand that there are so many beautiful dogs, pure breeds as well as mixed breeds, who need to be rescued,” Rebecca Romijn tells People.

You will get to know these rescue dogs on a deeper level as their rescue stories are shared. It is guaranteed to be a heart-warming event that will have you smiling and cheering for each competitor.

Photo:Facebook/Hallmark Channel
Photo: Facebook/Hallmark Channel

Rescue dogs range in personality and breed but fill our hearts and homes with joy. Now all dogs, no matter their pedigree, can compete in a dog show to demonstrate their unique traits.

The first-ever American Rescue Dog Show aired on Hallmark on February 19, 2018, and is now an annual event. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next rescue dog show, which typically occurs in February.

Check out all the previous winners here and be sure to share this with all your dog-loving friends!

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