Rescue Dog Nicknamed ‘Jake From State Farm’ Finally Finds A Forever Home

According to the Charlotte Observer, an adorable 8-year-old dog Jake has been in about out of a shelter in North Carolina several times over the past three months.

Jake, who has been lovingly nicknamed “Jake from State Farm” after the commercial, is in search of his forever home – but it has not been an easy journey.

He first came to the Burlington Animal Shelter in January after he was discovered by first responders who’d come to the home of his owner who had passed away. Poor Jake had been in a crate, unable to get out.

Photo: Facebook/Burlington Animal Services

Despite his stressful situation, the first responders, including Eric Hockenberry, were amazed that the pup had managed to control his bladder until they were able to take him outside where he “peed for about three minutes straight.”

Darlene Cox, a Burlington customer service supervisor, shared with McClatchy News that Jake was a very scared and very timid dog when he first came in, and he was also quite hungry as well. She also stated that his deceased owner’s family was unable to keep him, and because of this, Jake was brought to the shelter in search of a new home.

Photo: Facebook/Burlington Animal Services

He was adopted shortly after his arrival, but sadly, it did not work out. Soon afterward, his new family ended up losing their house and were forced to return Jake to the shelter only a few weeks after adopting him. Around this time is also when Jake received his nickname of “Jake from State Farm” from the shelter employees. They even started putting the pooch in a red State Farm T-shirt.

Photo: Facebook/Burlington Animal Services

Cox shared that after he got his nickname, Jake went to two different foster homes, both of which did not work out because Jake “does not care for cats.” While Jake has acquired a following of fans, he still has not received any offers for a forever home.

As Cox shared with the Charlotte Observer, “A lot of times, the older dogs tend to get overlooked. He is a very mellow guy and is house trained. Just needs a couch to rest his head and retire on.”

Despite the rough couple of months that Jake has had, he remains a very cheery and sweet dog. The shelter shared on their Facebook that he’s got a wonderful personality and would be a great addition to the right home.

Photo: Facebook/Burlington Animal Services

They were thrilled to announce that Jake finally found his happily ever after when he was adopted by a woman named Kim. He now lives happily with his new family, inclduing two senior dog siblings. We’re so thrilled to hear he got the happy ending he deserves!

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