Rescue Dog Helps Monitor Girl After Surgery

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JJ is a 2-year-old rescue dog that has a very important job. According to the “Today” show, he was specifically trained to detect subtle clues given off by 7-year-old Kaelyn Krawczyk when she is having a negative reaction caused by a mast cell activation disorder. 

Kaelyn also goes by the nickname KK and exhibits minor changes when she gets too hot or cold, or is under stress. In turn, the dog jumps up and starts to bark to alert anyone nearby of her reaction. When triggered, Kaelyn’s symptoms could cause anything from mild discomfort to difficulty in breathing.

“Dogs really, really, really are very interested in humans and pay a lot of attention to us,” Dr. Lawrence Myers, associate professor of animal behavior at Auburn University, told the source. “Especially the behavior of humans that they’re bonded to.”

Recently, Kaelyn underwent kidney surgery and JJ was by her side in the operating room at Children’s Health Center at Duke University Medical Center, according to the source.

The Ears, Nose and Paws nonprofit trains diabetic alert dogs and paired JJ with Kaelyn’s family. Dogs can be raised to detect numerous ailments, including seizures. Consider finding a specially trained dog for someone you know who could benefit from its assistance.

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