Neglected Dog Is Off The Streets And In A Comfortable Bed For The First Time In Her Life

Life can be difficult on the street and for a dog, it means doing whatever you have to do in order to survive.

Unfortunately, it’s a scenario that far too many dogs find themselves living in, including Sundae, a dog that has spent her entire life looking for a place to sleep.

Although Sundae had a home, it was a dog hoarding situation. She lived in a backyard in Oklahoma City that was full of junk and never had a nice place to rest her head.

Photo: Facebook/Country Roads Animal Rescue Society

That was about to change after she was rescued by Country Roads Animal Rescue Society.

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She was finally able to feel the comfort of sleeping inside.

Photo: Facebook/Country Roads Animal Rescue Society

It’s hard to imagine the joy that Sundae felt the moment that she realized she was now in a better place. According to the Facebook post about Sundae, the Labrador/coonhound mix was in a foster home, where she could sleep comfortably and live a life with plenty of love.

Photo: Facebook/Country Roads Animal Rescue Society

The foster mom said that Sundae is never very far away from her.

She was given a unique opportunity to have a nice home and to get some additional help that she needed, such as some dental care and her puppies are being cared for by foster families.

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