Sleeping Rescue Calf Rests On The Lap Of The Man Who Saved Him

Farm animals often have hard and short lives. They’re not offered the same protections as other animals, like pet animals or wild animals. Instead, they’re often subjected to a life of suffering and pain – often ending their short life to end up on someone’s dinner plate.

That’s the case for many cows in the US, and around the world. Male cows who are born into the farming system can be used for breeding, veal (baby cow meat), or beef (grown cow meat). It’s not a situation any living being should have to suffer through, and one organization is doing its best to give back to those animals who need it most.

Barn Sanctuary is an non-profit that rescues farm animals who would otherwise end up slaughtered. Their mission is to provide “a safe haven for abused and neglected farmed animals.”

Photo: Pixabay

Oftentimes, when an animal becomes more work than its worth, farmers make the decision to slaughter them, and that’s when Barn Sanctuary can step in and save a life. That was what happened with Mike, a rescue cow who was surrendered to the sanctuary by a Michigan dairy farmer.

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According to a post by Barn Sanctuary, the dairy realized it couldn’t be profitable with Mike due to his health issues, so they had a decision to make. They could slaughter the baby calf, which is standard practice in that situation, or they could surrender the cow and give it a second chance at life.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thankfully, they chose the latter option and Mike was able to have a chance at life all cows deserve to have: one of freedom.

Mike’s health issues included having two deformed front legs, severe cataracts in his eyes, and blindness in one eye. Despite his challenges, the little cow was just grateful to be safe and have people around him who cared about him as a living being, not just a profitable commodity.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The rescue shared a video of little Mike sleeping peacefully on the lap of one of the main rescuers for Barn Sanctuary, a man named Dan. In the video, you can see Dan gentling rubbing Mike’s head while the calf gently snores.

It’s too sweet!

Thankfully, Mike can rest assured knowing that he’ll have a forever home at Barn Sanctuary.

Watch the video below:

While that was a few years ago, Mike is continuing to thrive at Barn Sanctuary and his relationship with Dan has only grown stronger.

Even as a grown cow, Mike loves to rest with his best friend, Dan.

You can follow the organization on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to see more of Mike and his life now that he’s an adult.

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