These Dogs Just Got Presents and They’re Super Happy About It

Boston terrier gets a RescueBox.

It’s no secret that we love our dogs here at The Animal Rescue Site. Recently, some of our staff decided to spoil their furry friends with the ultimate gift: a RescueBox.

These gift boxes, delivered monthly, contain hand-picked treats, toys and chews for owners to spoil their dogs or cats with on the regular.

Our favorite part: each box also gives at least 5 pounds of food and 2 vaccinations to shelter pets in need — the more you order, the more they give. No other subscription service does this!

The cameras were rolling when Sully, Zoey and Dagny opened their boxes, and their reactions were pretty adorable.

The suspense was killing them…

Boston terriers watch as their owners open the boxes.

Boston terrier paces in excitement.

…and when the toys came out…

Frenchie gnaws on a bully stick.

…the dogs went to town!

Boston terrier jumps to catch a chew toy.

Boston terrier plays tug-o-war with a chew toy.

Boston terrier pants in exhaustion.

“This tooootally beats daycare.”

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