Meadow Was Abandoned And Alone, But She Ended Up At The Right Place!

“I’m playful and faithful with a few…affectionate with 1 or 2 humans, I need a playful alpha adult. Please take me.”

That’s the note that was left on Meadow when she was left behind Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation. She was abandoned with food, water, and a box of toys. She was terrified of her situation, and took a great deal of patience and time to bring her in and get her comfortable, but her fear of people and her new surroundings didn’t fade quickly.

Thankfully, Meadow was able to find her family.

Meadow after being dropped off
Meadow after being dropped off

“Meadow now lives with people who love her for who she is. People who spent weeks getting to know her and gain her trust. People who have opened their hearts to her, despite her traumas. People who give her every opportunity to be normal. People who have given her a fur brother whom she has bonded with and plays with, sleeps with and loves. Her life is completely different than the life described in the note on her collar. Meadow has found her place in the Universe.” – Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation.

Meadow and her new brother Tucker
Meadow and her new brother Tucker

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Meadow’s story is far too common for animal shelters, and it presents a massive strain on the shelters finances. That’s were Rescue Bank comes in. By donating tens of thousands of meals, shelters like Haven of Hope are able to save close to $1,000 a month, meaning that money can go to things like medical costs and providing shelters the ability to spend extra time with dogs like Meadow, dogs that might otherwise be considered “unadoptable.”

Every dollar donated saves a shelter $17 they can direct towards helping dogs like Meadow!

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