Starving and Alone, Food Donations Saved These Pets’ Lives

Animal shelters do amazing work every day. But they don’t do it alone. These not-for-profit, volunteer-run facilities can only continue with the help of donations — more specifically, food.

Trauma and injuries vary, but the one thing that will always make the difference between life and death for an abandoned pet is food. That’s why our partner Rescue Bank sends millions of pounds of overstock pet food to “the little guys” — small-town shelters that are often overlooked. Their work feeds millions of animals each year, and they’re about to start feeding a lot more!

In October 2015, Mars Petcare donated $500,000 in NUTRO® dog food — one of the few all-natural, “real” pet foods — to Rescue Bank-supported shelters so that the country’s most vulnerable animals will not only get fed, but get the nutrients they need to heal from neglect and trauma.

Below are 3 of Rescue Bank’s most miraculous rescue stories from the past year, all made possible thanks to donations from animal lovers like you, and Mars Petcare!


Hasani first pic august 17-horzThis little pup was found abandoned on a rural road in a very rural area. Luckily, someone cared enough to pick her up and carry her to a Rescue Bank-supported shelter. Volunteers took one look and knew they had to help. Hasani had severe demodectic mange, a yeast infection, and multiple bacterial infections from her sores. She was almost unable to open her eyes. After 6 weeks of prescription treatment, antifungal baths and nutritious food, she is now a healthy, happy pup ready for her forever home. Volunteers named her Hasani, which means “beautiful.”


IMG_0035-001-horzMuppie was found matted and abused at an animal control center in rural Georgia. He weighed only four pounds and had been abandoned on a county dirt road, left to die alone. He was skin and bone under all that matted hair, and once it was shaved off, volunteers discovered a shoulder injury and missing teeth. He was understandably timid and fearful of humans, but slowly, after multiple vet visits and weeks of nutritious feedings, he began to trust his human caretakers. Muppie is now adopted into the perfect home.

Felix, Evie and Nicky

khc2-horzBeing a foster parent is a big commitment and the cost is prohibitive for many people. Thanks to the food Rescue Bank provides, countless more animal lovers are able to welcome foster pets into their homes and prepare them for adoption. Felix, Evie, and Nicky are three such foster pets. Felix and Evie were feral kittens in desperate need of attention and socialization. Nicky required special care due to severe infections in both eyes. With the burden of food lifted, each of their new foster homes is making it possible for these deserving animals to get a second chance.

Without donations from generous companies like Mars, chances are Felix, Evie, Nicky, Muppie and Hasani wouldn’t have made it. And thanks to Mars’ $500,000 gift, the coming months will bring even more wagging tails and life-saving stories just like these! Come back to The Animal Rescue Site to see them as soon as they’re published.

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