Rescue Bank Provides Food To Thousands Of Shelter Pets Around The Country

After 20 years and over $60 million raised to make a meaningful impact in lives around the world, is renewing its commitment to lending support where it matters most.

For the last 7 years, your clicks at the GreaterGood website have helped support hundreds of small projects that aid people, pets, and the planet. In just the last few weeks, you have helped fund specialized care programs for those living with Alzheimer’s, you have improved the likelihood of adoption for often-anxious shelter pets, and you’ve helped us donate 1,000 books to children in need.

This support has changed lives, and on the all-new, it will now be amplified across 24 of our most impactful programs and partnerships. One of those programs is helping feed shelter animals across the country.

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Rescue Bank is one of our signature programs that helps animal shelters. It is the largest pet food distribution and donation program in the world. To date, we’ve delivered over 275 million meals to shelters and rescues across the country. By serving groups that have limited resources, we free up funding that can be used to save more lives.

How It Works

Rescue Bank operates on the national food bank model, accepting food donations from manufacturers, distributors or retailers. Suppliers such as Pedigree, Purina, Nutro, Royal Canin, Friskies, and Iams notify us that product is available.

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We then schedule and pay for delivering the donation to an Affiliate responsible for a regional distribution center. The Affiliate notifies pre-qualified non-profit groups, which pay a small, per-pound handling fee and pick up their product. For disaster response or law enforcement actions, no handling fee is required.

Who Can Apply

Animal welfare organizations that have a valid, non-revoked IRS Determination Letter establishing their 501(c)(3) status apply for pet food grants though this website. A group applying under a Group Exemption or using an alternate name (for example “Doing business as…”) must submit the relevant documents as described by the IRS or state/local authorities.

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Applications are made in specific categories, with criteria tailored to each category. Rescue Bank and its local Affiliates confirm that these criteria are met and monitor the group’s 501(c)3 status. For more information, view our Recipient Criteria.

Saving Lives

Providing food to animal rescues and shelters allows them to spend their limited budgets on medical care and spay/ neutering all incoming animals. Thanks to Rescue Bank, dogs like Hope and cats like Mike are given a second chance.

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Hope, a Siberian Husky, was found emaciated at a dump in Kentucky. X-rays showed buckshot pellets in her abdomen, hips and chest, along with a screw. She had an ulcerated mammary gland and weighed only 36lb. The shelter was able to care for Hope and cover the costs of all medical expenses thanks to the savings on food. She was nursed back to health and flown to Michigan to find her forever home.

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Mike was brought to a shelter with a broken femur after a monster kicked him. Sadly, the leg had to be amputated. The shelter was able to cover Mike’s medical costs with money saved by not having to buy food. Even after all the pain and suffering Mike endured, he still loved to be around people. He was adopted by a loving family.

Aside from helping underfunded animal shelters, Rescue Bank helps animal rescues after disasters strike. When hurricanes destroy towns and displace thousands of animals, we are there to help with food and supplies.

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Thousands of shelter pets thank you for your donations and all the bowls of food you provided. Your donation feeds shelter animals. 100% of your donation goes to charity. Together, we can make a difference.

At, we’re committed to feeding the world’s most vulnerable populations. Together, we can fight to end the cycle of poverty, food insecurity, and famine. Help us in feeding shelter pets this GivingTuesday. Click the button below and give the gift of a nutritious meal to animals in need.

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