Greater Good Charities Launches GOODS to Help Even More Pets and People in Need

Big problems demand big solutions. That’s why Greater Good Charities is launching the GOODS Program to help even more people and pets in need.

GOODS, formerly known as Rescue Bank, will help pets (homeless and owned), families facing economic hardships, homeless populations, veterans, domestic violence survivors, and victims of disasters – all while continuing to provide food and crucial support for shelter pets.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Rescue Bank was founded in 2006 to help feed hungry shelter pets. It became a program of Greater Good Charities, providing over 500 million meals, millions of dollars’ worth of animal care supplies, and critical aid to animals across all 50 states.

Many of Rescue Banks’ efforts lent emergency aid across the globe including distribution of over 30,000 Good Packs in recent years to help veterans and homeless pet owners care for their pets in times of crisis. GOODS will build on Rescue Bank’s impact to meet the changing demands of a world in need.

“The increase in poverty, food insecurity and domestic violence over the past several years has affected families, including their pets, resulting in a greater need for food and essential supplies in communities across the globe,” said Liz Baker, CEO of Greater Good Charities. “The GOODS Program has a strategic and holistic approach to address this growing demand to efficiently help more people and pets in crisis.”

Photo: Greater Good Charities

The GOODS Program will have the ability and capacity to help people and pets on a much greater scale. The GOODS Program will have access to help more than 9,000 animal welfare organizations across the nation. In addition to helping homeless pets, the newly launched GOODS Program will also help families and their pets facing economic hardships, homeless populations, veterans, domestic violence survivors, and victims of disaster through thousands of other charitable partners.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

But how, exactly, will GOODS create all this good?

By sourcing and managing excess, re-branded, and short-dated food and supplies from donors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, and then making those products available via qualified distributors (aka Ambassadors) to organizations in need.

GOODS Ambassadors help distribute donated food, clothing, toys, and essential supplies throughout our vast distribution network, which includes thousands of charitable partners, animal welfare organizations, food banks, VA locations, and other qualified agencies.

Please join us in welcoming GOODS, formerly Rescue Bank, into the GreaterGood family!

To learn more about the GOODS Program, please visit:

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