Rescue Bait Dog Has The Best Reaction To Getting Adopted

Life on the streets is tough for a dog, but it’s even harder to live as a neglected and abused dog. One the streets, dogs have the chance to run away from danger, but dogs with abusive owners don´t have that ability. They simply have to endure the pain and suffering indefinitely.

For a poor dog named Charlie, his suffering finally ended when his abusive owner dumped him on the streets in Southern California.

Photo: Facebook/Pittie Nation

According to a video shared by Pittie Nation, Charlie was found wandering the streets of Compton after being dumped. He was in bad shape, but so loving!

A Good Samaritan took the poor pup to The Animal Rescue Mission where he could start getting the care that he needed.

Photo: Facebook/Pittie Nation

His condition was so bad that the staff at the rescue didn´t know if he´d make it. They believe he was used as a bait dog in dog fighting. Thankfully, Charlie proved to be a fighter and he overcame all health obstacles in front of him.

Eventually, he was ready to find his forever home and that´s where Jay comes in. He instantly fell in love with Charlie and offered to take the dog home. It seems that Charlie felt the same way about Jay based on the dog’s sweet reaction!

Photo: Facebook/Pittie Nation

Charlie couldn´t contain his excitement over meeting his new dad and it´s so cute!

Check out the video below to see Charlie´s adoption reaction:

You can keep up with Charlie on Instagram, @charliebeartherescue.

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