What’s Someone Have To Do To Be Rescued By #RescueBae?

Some say he’s a member of the Cajun Navy. Others might claim he was sent from Heaven. Whatever your exposure to this mystery man is, it’s hard to deny the mark he’s made on a few grateful Texans.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left the American southeast in disrepair, but amidst the unsightly damage, a good-looking face is bound to stand out. Better known to friends and family as Raz Halili, the man known to thousands as #RescueBae runs the day-to-day operations at his family’s oyster business in San Leon with his cousin Gezim, ABC reports.

The pair have also been moonlighting as water-bound rescuers, helping those stranded by Hurricane Harvey in the communities of Port Arthur, Dickinson and Friendswood. Taking the company vehicle is a little easier when your transportation is buoyant.

Source: YouTube/Media Time
Source: YouTube/Media Time
Raz Halili rescues a stranded family on his jet ski.

“The first thing we saw was a man on a canoe which flipped over in a creek, and the current started taking him away,” Halili said. “We actually went down a street into a gated community with an oyster boat, which is something I never thought I would do.”

Halili and his cousin also found a group of Coast Guard service members who were having trouble with their motor.

“Of course. I had to get a selfie with the Coast Guard. It’s not every day you get a selfie with the Coast Guard,” Halili said.

But what seemed like a simple selfie for the oyster farmer turned into a worldwide sensation. RescueBae has caught the attention of tens of thousands.

“One of my friends was letting me know that she got rescued from a fine Cajun Navy guy. And she said she has a picture of him. I said, ‘Girl. You have to send me the picture,'” said Ariel Marie, who subsequently went on a digital manhunt for the handsome hero.

“He’s just an amazing person. I just had to let him know that you’re an amazing guy. Yes, you’re fine but you’re also amazing and you have an amazing heart,” she said. “I had to find him. How can I get his attention to thank him?”

Source: YouTube/Media Time RescueBae once traveled to New York City.
Source: YouTube/Media Time
RescueBae once traveled to New York City.

Halili has kept his modesty despite the newfound attention. Besides, he’s already spoken for.

“It’s been a bit funny. I saw what [Marie] was doing and I appreciate the humor in it,” Halili said.

But Marie wants to make it known that her efforts weren’t just an act of ogling. Her lighthearted post provided a glimpse of sunshine for so many still displaced by the storm.

“A lot of people have messaged me and thanked me, saying thank you for the laughter. Thank you for this during this time. I think we all needed that relief,” Marie said. “I truly believe he was Heaven-sent to that area to rescue those people. I just want to tell him thank you.”

There’s been no shortage of exciting rescue stories in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but not all those affected by the storm are able to share those stories online. Click the button below to read about the “gypsy chickens” of Key West, and the “Selfie King” who helped them survive.

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