Blind Rescue Cat Thinks Her Hairbrush Is The Cat’s Meow

Renata is a miracle survivor. She was living on the streets in Athens, Greece. She had a horrible infection that cost her both her eyes. But that doesn’t mean Renata can’t be pampered and loved.

Her favorite activity is being brushed. That’s my kind of girl! It’s almost like Renata is my spirit animal! LOL! And what’s even more pawsome is that when she goes to live with her new family, her brush will go too.

Even though it’s sad that Renata’s life started out the way it did, it’s fantastic that it’s ending up the way she deserves! ALL animals deserve a loving home with food and shelter and LOADS of TLC. And of course lots of brushing. Isn’t this story pawtastic?

If you would like to help animals like Renata, check out this program. It helps blind cats that are in shelters that will unlikely be adopted. They still deserve a good life and programs like this one make it possible.

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