Regal Beagle

When this beautiful brown-eyed beagle needed a new home, Adrienne and her husband were happy to give him one. Read about today’s Dog of the Day, “Koodge!”

Shortly after my husband and I got stationed in Germany, we decided we wanted a dog — not a puppy, we wanted to get one from a shelter or from a family. Before long we came across the cutest dog, and quickly made a time to meet up and see if we had a connection with him.

We knocked on the door and heard barking. They invited us in and this dog immediately came to greet me, with his big beautiful brown eyes and uncontrollable tail wagging. He made me smile. I sat down to talk with the owners and he would not leave my side. I knew at that moment that he needed to go home with us.

The owners told us all about Kujo (as they named him) — about how he has separation anxiety, and doesn’t stop barking when they leave the house, and it was hard for them to travel, blah, blah… This dog was going to be mine. Still at my side, I looked down at Kujo — he was looking at me so eagerly. I needed to talk to my husband.

I asked them if it was alright if we took him on a walk, and we did. He was horrid on the leash, pulling profusely, and he was skin and bones. This dog was coming home with me, today. We packed him up in the car and headed home.

After taking him home, we soon found out that he wasn’t treated well, and had some other issues. People asked if he still “chewed on the furniture, wet in the house, tore up the rugs” — I was and still am happy to say that he has never done anything like that since he stepped into our house. Anxiety is still a small issue, but gets better every day.

Koodge (as we affectionately call him) is an extraordinary dog. He gets me through each day, through deployments, and puts a smile on my face. We take him everywhere with us and have no regrets. He is a part of the family now.

— Adrienne, Ansbach, Germany

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