Refugee Cat Treks Thousands Of Miles To Reunite With His Family!

The refugee crisis straining European countries has been unabated over the last decade or so, starting with upheaval in Iraq, and continuing today with Syrian refugees still seeking asylum in the thousands. Stories about the people fleeing are easy to find, but there are hidden casualties, namely the animals being left behind by families fleeing their homes.


These abandoned animals have very little chance of finding safety again. While there are numerous outstanding organizations that are trying to help these pets, it seems hopeless. That is, until you find a story like that of Kunkush, a cat lost in Greece during his family's escape from Iraq. Kunkush was more than 2,000 km from home when he got separated from his family. They searched for him in vain, and then were relocated! While the family was set up with a new life in Norway, Kunkush had to fend for himself.


Miraculously, Kunkush survived, and his harrowing story ended in the most unbelievable way. For anyone that has ever lost hope, this story is something you need to see. . .

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