There’s A Subreddit Where People Share Adorable Pictures Of Their Tiny Cats

If you are anything like us, you have a lot of love and affection for cats. In fact, we have a deep, abiding respect for these animals. The r/IllegallySmolCats subreddit is one of the most invaluable resources for those who want to learn more about the small kitties that are “illegally cute”.

Check out 10 of our favorites:


Photo: Reddit/regian24

This cat may be tiny, but he’s powerful. It almost looks like he’s got a radioactive glow!


Photo: Reddit/Lady_of_the_Phoenix

Okay, we are absolutely smitten here and we do not care who knows it!


Photo: Reddit/send_a_sign

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He looks like a little lion! How cute is he?


Photo: Reddit/D0ct0rn0x0

What’s sweeter than a pile of kittens?


Photo: Reddit/Deejayjaykay

Everyone knows cats love boxes, apparently, even tiny cats! They start young.


Photo: Reddit/Tyrantah

This may be the snuggest little kitty in the world.


Photo: Reddit/kai-ote

“A little bit of floor…” What a snow princess!


Photo: Reddit/Stranger1982

Ying and yang of illegally “smol” cats.


Photo: Reddit/regian24

All tucked in and ready for bed.


Photo: Reddit/organicginger77

Even illegally smol cats love donuts, illegally smol donuts.

What do you think of the adorable tiny cats? Let us know!

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