Red Lobster Employee Donates Rare Blue Lobster To The Zoo After Finding It In Their Tank

When you head over to Red Lobster, you likely know what is going to happen. You’re going to walk into a restaurant that has a nautical decor and be served cheddar biscuits before you order your favorite thing on the menu. Although it may be a normal trip for many customers, a red lobster in Ohio was the scene of a rather interesting occurrence when they found a blue lobster in the lobster tank.

Cuyahoga Falls is the location where they found the special and very rare lobster. It was discovered when they unloaded some live lobsters into the tank, and Anthony Stein, the culinary manager, reported that one of the coworkers sent him a photo. He reported this to NPR, saying that they were in shock because of the blue color.

As it turns out, the blue lobster was very rare. In fact, only one in about 2 million lobsters has that color. After discovering that they had something unusual, they made sure that he didn’t end up in the dinner pot. According to a post on the Akron Zoo blog, they are part of a sustainable seafood program, known as Seafood Watch. It was easy for the restaurant to connect with the Seafood Watch and they began working on the exchange. A large cooler was filled with saltwater and the lobster, named Clawde, was on his way to the zoo, his new home.

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According to the blog post, the lobster is now hanging out in “Clawde’s Man Cave” and being cared for. In addition, they managed to find out that Clawde is, in fact, a female, so they had to rename her to Clawdia. They also renamed the man cave as a “she shed.”

She is currently staying at the Komodo Kingdom building at the zoo as they are closed during Covid-19.

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