Watch As A Red Fox And Snow Owl Face-Off In Security Footage

It doesn’t matter where we live, there is going to be some type of drama. Some of it takes place in our homes and others may take place in public locations. For the town of Cobourg, Ontario, it happened on a snowy street.

A town employee took an amazing video on January 4 that showed animal tracks in the snow on the town’s pier. As she investigated the footage from the security camera, she saw something she wasn’t expecting.

A red fox was walking on the pier, seemingly minding his own business, when suddenly, a snowy owl swoops from the sky and startles the fox. About a minute later, the owl comes back to the pier and the fox comes back to get a closer look.

Photo: YouTube / Town Cobourg

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The two animals circle each other, almost as if they are trying to intimidate each other.

Photo: YouTube / Town Cobourg

As quickly as it starts, however, the fox decides that he has had enough and he continues on his way without any confrontation.

Ashley Purdy, a spokesperson for the town, said that they are familiar with the fox family that lives on the pier. They have seen two fox pups playing and, more than likely, one was in the video. She told Global News, “Perhaps the owl was targeting that fox.”

Photo: Unsplash

Snowy owls will typically eat small rodents, sometimes as big as a rabbit so the fox was a little out of his league. Perhaps that owl was a little hungry and wanted to size up the fox before deciding whether to pursue him as his next meal.

Fortunately, the fox was able to avoid that fate.

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