Fearful Homeless Poodle Waits For His Happily Ever After

Living on the streets can be cruel and scary. Even the bravest of dogs, like this Poodle, can find all the sights and sounds to be intimidating. When people tried to approach this pup, he cowered in fear. The corner he stayed in was like his safe haven.


After rescuing two other dogs, Eldad and Lisa got a call to come help him. These animal heroes don’t know how to say “no” when it comes to animals in need. They really are two amazing people that truly understand what it takes to make a difference.

They arrived on the scene and saw a beautiful but dirty white Poodle. He shook in fear and Eldad wasn’t certain if he would bite or not. Slowly, they wrapped the famous red leash around him. He was still shaking but didn’t exhibit much aggression. I was at the edge of my seat as Hope For Paws did all they could to save another life. What happens next is just the beginning for Yankee Poodle (the cutest name ever!)


Watch the rescue adventure unfold in the video below!

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