Want To Visit An Amazing Place For Unwanted Dogs?

Viktor Larkhill created a paradise for dogs that were either living on the streets or in shelters that weren’t receiving proper care or would have been euthanized due to their poor or challenging health conditions.


The White House is unlike a traditional shelter with cages and fences. It’s a large home with spacious rooms and beautiful grounds. It even has a salt water swimming pool, which is perfect for rehab in the warmer months.


Many of the dogs that live at The White House require special care. Some are in wheelchairs. There’s even a wheelchair “car port!”


Most dogs are also at The White House so they get used to home living. Shelters can be loud and unstable, traumatizing dogs even further. This place is all about tranquility and comfort. Most dogs will be adopted out to loving homes as soon as they are fitted with the right family. The White House is truly an awesome place that gives them an idea of what home should be like.


Some dogs that are harder to place, or have been bounced around too much, will remain at The White House indefinitely.


Not all animals can be saved but Viktor Larkhill is certainly trying!

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