Twin Babies Laugh Hysterically At Their Adorable Playful Pomeranian

Kids and dogs go together but than peas and carrots. In fact, studies show that having a dog around while growing up teaches kids about responsibility, compassion towards animals, and kindness, and my favorite: how to have fun!

In this adorable video, twin babies sit like the perfect little audience in a kiddie pool while their fluffy, adorable Pom prances around. The twins aren’t just captivated by their dog…they are in hysterics. Those deep belly laughs are the best! So genuine and so precious. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GROW UP??? 🙁

But… at least these twins will grow up having one another as a bestie and their pup as their other bestie. I wonder what they will do together (besides laugh). Go for walks? Play fetch? Play hide and seek? Their dog will teach them so much, especially how to smile!

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