Move Over K9s, This Police Department Is Calling For A Cat

Crime fighting is a tough job, and lest it go to the dogs, one department in Troy, Michigan, is calling in a little extra backup.

“If we get 10,000 followers by April, we want a police cat,” the Troy Police Department posted to Twitter in March. Meeting their goal well before April, the new addition to the force is all but decked out in its official uniform.

According to the Detroit News, the Troy PD had wanted a police cat, or non-K9 officer dog for year. In a collaboration with the Humane Society, that goal is being met this year.

“Our police chief (Gary Mayer) gives us the latitude to do some creative things,” Sgt. Meghan Lehman said.

Of all the police departments in Michigan, Troy’s is one of the most active on Twitter, with over 11,800 followers as of mid-April. Worries from followers that the cat would distract from official peace-keeping duties were justifiably quelled on the social media platform.

“If we had a super-high crime rate, people maybe would be more opposed to this cat thing,” Lehman said.

The Troy PD “Interviewed” five furry candidates for the position, each from the Michigan Humane Society, which will eventually operate as a therapy pet within the department and make public appearances.

And, “They’re going to want to boss people around,” Lehman said.

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