This Toddler Leaned In To Kiss A Newfoundland. His Reaction Is Why Every Child Should Have A Dog

Growing up, I’ve always had a dog. In fact, my parents had a dog before I was even born, so technically I’m not even their first “child!” The bond that children and dogs share growing up together is something extremely special that cannot be replaced.

This little boy, named Tegan, is lucky enough to grow up with TWO dogs! Both of them are Newfoundlands, so they are HUGE, which just means they have even more love to give! Tegan experiences that love in the cutest way. He bends down to give Ralphie a kiss, but got a lot more love than he bargained for. Ralphie gives him a giant lick on the face, which makes sense coming from a giant dog. Ralphie steps back and makes the cutest face and giggles with excitement. But he must’ve liked it because he goes back for a second kiss. This is totally awe-worthy and we can only wish that the video was longer!

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