Boxer Puppy’s Time Lapse Video Ends With The Sweetest Surprise

Puppies grow up way too fast. Sometimes we just want it to slow down, but then we realize we will have many (more) fun moments and years with them. And each memory is as special as the first!

Bently’s humans filmed him every month at the same spot for an entire year. The spot they chose is a special one: The front door of their home. And home really is, in my opinion, the most special place on earth!

Just look at how cute Bently is here! There’s just something so darn adorable about puppies. And I totally have a weak spot for Boxer puppies!


And just a few months later, he looks like this! Whoa, he’s getting so big!


Can this really be the same dog? Bently, you’re a big boy!


As Bently grows, his life with his family grows too. To celebrate his first birthday, and their first full year together, his family gives him an amazing surprise. Can you guess what it is?

A Birthday Party!!!

That cake looks delicious, Bently!


Bently is one lucky pup! Watch the full video below. It’ll make you smile from ear to ear, “fur” sure!

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