Over 1,000 Animals Were Headed For Euthanasia Until This Shelter Stepped In!

Each year, 2.7 million shelter pets are euthanized. The people at SpokAnimal are looking to change that. SpokAnimal works with the ASPCA to pull high risk dogs and cats from kill shelters. The ASPCA travels over 1,000 miles to deliver these animals to the shelter 52 times a year. Dogs and cats who were on death row are now given a new chance at life because of these amazing people. In fact, 98% of the animals at SpokAnimal find new homes. 98%! What an amazing accomplishment that is.

See more of their incredible work in the video:

SpokAnimal has been doing amazing things for animals, and now they need our help. The vehicle they use to transport animals to freedom has broken down and needs a new transmission.

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