When This Dog Doesn’t Wanna Talk About It, He’s SERIOUS!

Watching a video like this one, would convince ANYONE that dogs are 1) Smart 2) Totally aware of things around them and 3) Fluent in human. Dogs understand us. It may seem like they don’t, especially when they’re getting into trouble, but most likely they are doing it just to get us to react. Typical kids 😉

Sebastian is a precious (and GIGANTIC!) example of why I love dogs so much. He’s amazing with his humans. His human sibling adores him, and they are often featured together in videos.

In this funny and delightful video, his human is reminding Sebastian of a past digression… I mean, he can’t be perfect all the time, can he? And Sebastian is pretty annoyed that his human can’t let this incident go. Like, please. Who wouldn’t eat an unsupervised cupcake? Pfft! The conversation is absolutely hilarious. GAH! I love this dog!

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