The Ultimate In Fuzz Therapy! 16 Adorable Puppies! 1 Happy Boy!

We’re not sure things could get any cuter than this delightful 4-year-old boy playing with sixteen Basenji puppies!

The puppies are from three different litters but they seem to be all of one mind here – must play with the human!!

Seeing the looks of wonderment and joy on that little boys face is the absolute best! Even Mom & Dad get in on the playtime fun near the end. Because really, who can possibly resist all those frolicking little fun factories?!?

Basenji 3

Did you know? The Basenji has earned the nickname “the soundless dog” because they do not bark like a typical dog. They do more of a yodel and other vocalizations.

They also like to stand on their hind feet, similar to a prairie dog or meerkat. They are good at climbing so be sure to have a good fence if you decide to have one as a pet!

Watch the cuteness in this video!

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