Baby Can’t Contain His Love For Pit Bull Companion

This tiny tot is already head over paws for his pup, and it’s really ADORABLE! These two are going to grow up together and make tons of happy, sloppy kissed memories.

Growing up with a dog is probably as special as growing up with a sibling. In fact, I would argue that it is just like growing up with a sibling when raised together and put in the same social situations.

It is just as special because they share the same kind of love and the same kind of bond.

Source: Rumble/peanutbutterpibble
Source: Rumble/peanutbutterpibble

Did you grow up with a dog? If so, did you two create lifelong memories together?

Source: Rumble/peanutbutterpibble
Source: Rumble/peanutbutterpibble

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These two make a hilarious pair! Watch the video below and try not to smile!

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