German Shepherd Puppy Has The Best Reaction To FaceTime Conversation

Nova, the adorable German Shepherd, is having her first FaceTime convo and she is totally into it. Her head tilts are epic! Her “cone of shame” makes it even cuter. I’m totally melting! What a cutie patootie!


Have you ever wondered what’s up with dogs and head-tilting? ME TOO!


Here’s some interesting info:

While scientists are not 100% sure why dogs tilt their heads, there are several possible explanations:

1. They Are Trying To Hear Us Better

Dogs have ears with movable earflaps that help to locate the source of the sound. Their brains work with their ears using time and direction. Even the slightest change in a dog’s head position can supply them with additional information. In essence, their head-tilts aid them in judging the source of the sound as well as its location.

2. They Are Trying To Understand What We Are Saying

Dogs are VERY reward/treat motivated. There’s a good possibility that they are listening for specific sounds and words that they associate with treats or going for a walk. God forbid they miss out on something good, right? LOL!

Dogs are also showing us that they are listening. The part of the brain that controls their facial expressions also controls the muscles that make their heads tilt.

3. They Are Trying To See Us Our Faces

Dogs use our facial expressions to understand us, as well as our words and tone. So it is very possible they are trying to make out details of our face while we speak. Dr. Stanley Corren, a scientist who studies behaviors, believes that when dogs cock their heads, they are trying to see our faces a little clearer. Dogs with longer snouts, such as a German Shepherd, don’t see that well directly in front of them as dogs with a flatter face do, like a Pekingese.

4. We Taught Them To Do This

Because head-tilts are so darn adorable, we often get really excited and “awww” at the behavior. Dogs understand this, and because they like to make us happy, they will continue to do this behavior. And we will continue to “awwww.” 🙂

Nova’s epic head-tilts are just too cute to miss! Watch the video below!

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