Bulldog DOES NOT Want To Go Outside AT ALL!

Elvis, the Bulldog, is so comfy right where he is. But his humans really want him to get up and he is NOT having it (one bit)! His protests are utterly adorable. You know when you get in that perfect spot in bed or on the couch and moving is like a punishment? I think Elvis knows that feeling all too well.

If this video brightened your day then so will this one!

When you come across something this cute, this sweet and this cat-tastic, it’s just morally wrong to keep it to yourself. This kitty has so much love in his heart that he actually shows it. WITH. HIS. PAWS! Yea, I know! It’s unbelievable! And totally pass out worthy.

It’s unfortunate, but cats get a bad rap. Some people actually think they aren’t loving creatures. Well, to those people, SEND THEM THIS! And say to them: “See, cats know all about love!” They can seriously love on you. Sometimes too much. HAHA! Dogs aren’t the only pets that can show their human, and siblings, that love is the greatest thing on earth. Love can conquer all, love can solve most problems. Love is all we need. Whomever argues that fact is just not getting enough of it!

Watch Elvis here:

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